Shopify and Ecommerce Review June 2020

Shopify and Ecommerce Review June 2020

The latest news in the world of Shopify and ecommerce for June 2020: Facebook allows political ads to be hidden, our first Virtual Meetup, and augmented reality from Shopify.

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Here's a roundup of some of the Shopify and ecommerce-related news of the past couple of weeks!

Walmart Partners with Shopify

A new deal between Shopify and Walmart will open Walmart's Marketplace to Shopify merchants. This will massively increase the exposure of the brands involved as they'll be exposed to over 120 million monthly visitors, bringing Shopify a step closer to Amazon-levels of customer reach.

Shopify merchants interested in being involved in the partnership need to download the Walmart Marketplace app from the Shopify App Store. If approved, they'll then be able to add their products to the marketplace. ANy changes they make in their store will be updated and reflected on Walmart's site.

This could be the next step in Shopify's journey to challenge Amazon. As it continues to evolve, the platform adds new features, integrations and partnerships which is helping its dominance grow. It's also starting to be noticed as the 'brand behind the brands' in non-ecommerce media too.

Virtual Shopify Meetup

We normally organise several Meetup events each year in Birmingham where our Head Office is based. Lockdown meant we had to come up with a new way of delivering the event for Shopify merchants and partners, so in May we hosted our first ever online Shopify Meetup. It was a great success with over 600 people registered, and as we were free of goegraphical limitations we were pleased to welcome guests from all over the world.

We recorded the event so if you missed on on the day, you can catch it here.

We were very grateful to Johnnie from Klarna who gave up his time to discuss the changing retail landscape, and what a post-pandemic world means for businesses. from Shopify

Augmented reality continues to feature more in ecommerce, and Shopify has which is a free service you can use in your browser to take the guesswork out of shopping online. It allows you to visualise dimensions in AR by selecting the size of an item and placing it in your environment. While it doesn't recreate the shape of the product, a 3D box allows you to see if it will fit in the space.

It can be embedded on Shopify stores, and links with prefilled dimensions can be sent to customers.

Ecommerce Exchange Podcast featuring LoyaltyLion

This month also saw the latest episode of our Ecommerce Exchange podcast, with Kerri from LoyaltyLion. She kindly spent time with us and shared her insights into how brands can capitalise on a wave of new online shoppers by turning first-time buyers into repeat customers, using loyalty programs. The episode is available to watch here. Don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel or on Spotify to stay up to date with future episodes!

Facebook Allows US Users to Switch Off Political Ads

While Facebook took a different stance from Twitter and decided not to moderate political ads or fact-check statements, they are giving users the option to have more control over what they see.

Users in the US will now be able to turn off all political advertising if they wish. The platform is also taking steps to encourage voting, by creating a Voting Information Centre which will give details on how, when and where to vote. They are promoting it as a way of preventing election interference, following the scandals that rocked it during the 2016 elections.

Instagram Will Overtake Twitter as a News Source

A report by Reuters Institute Digital News has found that the use of Insta for sourcing news has doubled in the last 2 years. The pandemic seems to have played a part with a quarter of 18 to 24 year olds using the platform for news about the virus.

It is thought that part of the reason for this is the way the platform delivers content, with simply told, visual stories that are easy to access through the app, compared to more traditional media outlets. This year's biggest stories have driven engagement with the platform (climate change, the Black Lives Matters movement and the pandemic).

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