Is Responsive Web Design Really Necessary?

Is Responsive Web Design Really Necessary?

Written by Jason

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Over 50% of traffic to E-commerce stores is now coming from tablets and smart phones, though a study conducted by IAB UK in April 2014 shows that only one in three of the UK's top brands have websites that are optimised for mobile users a frankly shocking statistic when considering just how many potential customers are visiting stores from mobile devices! Sales are made when we are lounging on our sofas with our tablets, or when we are out and about with our smart phones. The truth of the matter is that if your store is not made mobile friendly, you could be missing out on up to 50% of total sales Yikes! It's why Shopify Builder took the initiative to make all of our websites fully responsive, and why Shopify themselves encourage this trend, offering a wonderful selection of responsive themes available in their theme store, the ability to manage your store and accept payments on the go, and recently introducing a responsive checkout that integrates seamlessly into your Shopify store. So, apart from an influx of sales guaranteed, why else should you choose to make your store responsive? One of the main benefits of responsive web design is its ability to adapt to any screen resolution. No matter the size, your website will automatically fit to the screen of the device that is being displayed on. Considering all of the different devices and their many different screen resolutions, responsive web design is certainly appealing. Responsive web design is cost effective. Before its introduction, a multitude of different websites were needed to be created to adapt to each different device and its respective screen resolution. Nowadays, to create a responsive website you will only need one website, and will only need to update one design and one content management system, saving you both time and money! With only one website needing to be updated, responsive web design improves SEO. The benefit here is that you will only need to optimise content for one link. This means that the URL structure will remain the same across all devices and will improve your search engine visibility and ranking! It seems like a no-brainer -- not only does responsive web design improve your customer conversion rates, bringing your store more sales, it also saves you time and money -- yet only less than 10% of websites are responsive. Get ahead of the game and contact our Shopify Experts today to discuss the pros of responsive design further!

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