Episode 10 – Christmas Special!

Part 1 of the Historyish Christmas special is here! Recorded the first week of December, we hope nothing interesting happens in the final weeks of 2011 to ruin our review of the year…

The Historyish crew, minus Harriet but plus Will, sit down over poulet en sac and mulled wine to discuss the various anniversaries which 2012 will be bringing to us. This first part covers the major milestones up to 1812. The second part, involving 1912, 1962, 2002 and 2011 will be out on Boxing Day. We know you’ll be too full from the day before to do any real work anyway.

Topics of discussion include…

King Ethelred’s lack of preparedness
Galileo’s lack of observation
Richard Cromwell’s lack of a country
Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s lack of parenting


An epic argument between Linda and Martin over Martin Luther and his importance to world history, sadly cut down for reasons of space. Will also posits an alternative theory on the posting of the 95 theses. You can listen to the full thing here!

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  1. Definitely not Harriet... 19 December 2011 at 20:49

    Very good. Though it needs more Harriet.

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