Episode 14 – Niall Ferguson

The team turns its attention to Niall Ferguson to ask serious questions about the dangers and advantages to popular history and how history is consumed by the general public. Read more →

Episode 13 – Eric Hobsbawm

The team returns (minus Harriet) for another stab at this podcasting thing. With a slightly revised format, Linda, Martin and Gareth discuss their “favourite” event from the week before diving into the work of the late British historian Eric Hobsbawm. Read more →

Episode 12 – Leonardo da Vinci

The series continues with another regular subject of the Historyish podcasts – Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci. Read more →

Episode 11 – Ferdinand Magellan

The Historyish team are back for a new year and a new series looking at some of the fascinating characters which came up in previous episodes. Read more →

Episode 10γ – Christmas Special!

And finally… a review of 2011 in historical context. Read more →

Episode 10β – Christmas Special!

In a change to the billed episode, the panel continue their Christmas countdown. Read more →

Episode 10 – Christmas Special!

Part 1 of the Historyish Christmas special is here! Read more →

Episode 9 – Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak

It’s a long episode this week, but it’s the last of the series! Read more →

Episode 8 – Natalie Zemon Davis

Microhistory gets its turn in the spotlight in episode 8 of Historyish. Read more →

Episode 7 – Michel Foucault

Historyish wishes to discipline your bodies. Read more →

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