Introducing Our Ecommerce Photography Studio

Introducing Our Ecommerce Photography Studio

We can create lifestyle, product and model photography to raise your ecommerce game, make your Shopify store stand out from the crowd and persuade more visitors to buy from you.

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Photography for Ecommerce

Photography for ecommerce purposes is some of the most important content a brand will produce, as without it you can’t really sell. And despite us all having access to cameras nowadays, the truth is that creating quality, impactful photography is a difficult task - and we know from many of our clients that they require expertise to achieve the desired outcome. That’s why we set-up our photography offer, complete with a purpose-built studio offering affordable, fast turnaround product and lifestyle photography.

We offer a range of services within this field. If you’re looking to achieve more through photography using a fully equipped studio, why not book a free consultation?

About our Photography Studio

Our fully-equipped Birmingham-based photo studio is in Digbeth, just a few minutes from Birmingham New Street, Grand Central and the Bull Ring Centre. It’s ideal for desktop product photography and backdrop work with models, with a separate room for model prep and changing, which allows for continuous shooting throughout the day. Combined with our in-house creative team the studio is set up to respond quickly, often turning work around in a matter of days. There is also onsite parking for clients who would like to attend, plus a number of good spots for lunch!

What Is Ecommerce Photography?

Great ecommerce photography has a huge impact on conversions - when it comes to selling online, these images are essential to convince customers to buy your products. They’ll normally be shot on a white or a subtle background colour for use on your product and collection pages - showing the product isolated so that viewers can examine and inspect visually. We recommend a series of images that create a story, running through a range of views so that users can understand the product before focusing on any details that make the products useful or beneficial.

Model Ecommerce

If you sell a product in which being worn or handled by people is integral to its success you will also need to consider model ecommerce photography that shows how the items fit or are handled for use. When working with models you may also need to consider hair and make-up artists as well as a fashion or set stylist, all of which add cost; it really comes down to what’s right for your brand. The good news is that once we are set up and shooting, model shots can be produced reasonably quickly in the studio with a suitable backdrop - meaning that we can normally capture a good volume of shots in a day - maybe your full collection or range.

Lifestyle Photography

In contrast to the functional photography above, this content is more about emotion and attraction, with the intention of creating interesting and impactful images that will attract viewers and entice them into a journey with the brand. This usage is broader than ecommerce imagery as they’re often used within a brand's wider marketing and promotion activity, even lookbooks and instore. There’s a number of production approaches to consider, the most cost-effective being shooting in our studio to capture products in a set that creates the atmosphere of your brand. Props and material may be used to communicate some key points, for instance, if your product is made from natural materials the pack may be seen amongst flowers and fauna. Alternatively we may show your products in their natural setting, such as in the home, demonstrating how they fit into and improve the viewer’s lifestyle, or on location to create a campaign of images. This is more expensive photography to produce as you will have to consider location fees and require a larger production team, but as usage is wider brands will balance the cost between marketing and ecommerce.

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Art Direction

Quality photography doesn’t just happen, it needs to be concepted and planned and our creative team, with decades of photographic art direction experience, are on hand to help you develop your approach - whether you simply need to nail down your ecommerce photography or want to develop the concept for your next campaign. We help to develop your approach through a series of moodboard and scamp developments, starting with a broad idea before working through to a finalised approach, even planning your shoot and booking any locations and talent required.

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If you’d like to book a free session to discuss your photography needs, drop us a line. We can talk through the options to use the power of photography to boost your ecommerce store's performance with exciting visuals.

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